Alec Baldwin Quits Twitter, Says Social Platform Is For “A-Holes”

Alec Baldwin

He’s outta there!

Alec Baldwin has reportedly quit Twitter for good.

The actor announced that he disabled his account on Wednesday, March 3, 2021, due to the “A-holes” on the platform, which criticized a tweet he sent about the American accent of Gillian Anderson.

Anderson is quoted in an article, where she says she’s trying to hold on to her British accent, “when her family returned from England when she was 11 years old,” and although she was in London is based, she said, “I just got panties in a [accent] or the other.

“I noticed that someone said that this actress – from whom I would not mention – during the press accents for their show, changed from their accent from another country to an American accent,” said Alec Baldwin. “And I only wrote: “Oh, that’s interesting.” And of course, you can not make irony on Twitter, you can no longer do irony in the United States, as the United States are such a distinguished, stressed place and an unpleasant place.”

Baldwin, who recently defended his wife Hilaria about her own accent, changed as an answer, “Switching accents? That sounds …


An accent change is one of the allegations against Baldwin’s Mrs. Hilaria in the midst of her Heritage scandal, as she claimed to have been born in Spain.

If you’ve missed it in December, Hilaria started using Twitter as social media users – including Journalist Tracie Morrissey and Twitter users @LIBRISCOE – in their past, whereby they prevailed Spanish roots after they in Boston, mass born and raised. In addition, Morrissey and @Lenibriscoe claimed to have evidence that the accent they often used is not genuine.

Baldwin has terminated Twitter over the debacle in January.

In February, Hilaria apologized that he was not “clearer” about her cultural background.

“I spent the last month, who stopped, reflects and asks me, as I can learn and grow. My parents raised my brother and me with two cultures, American and Spanish, and I feel a real feeling to both be” , wrote on Instagram.

“The way I spoke about myself and my deep connection to two cultures could have been better explained – I should have been clearer and I’m sorry. ”

“We have just greeted our daughter, and one of the things that is just so easy and so simple, that’s yes, that I am much older than my wife,” Alec Baldwin said. “And the unpleasant people, even on Instagram, do not hesitate to beat me as much as possible with this stick as if they would give me new information.”

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