Eau De Pub is the fragrance that is an ode to the pub of your heart

eau de pub
eau de pub

In Britain, for many people the pub is an institution. So, after months of being forced to drink alone from homes, English are thrilled by the idea of a perfume that smells like a bar. This is Eau De Pub, the new fragrance made by an Italian company, which is essentially an ode to pubs.

What “Eau de Pub” smells like

The description of the fragrance gives an idea of the smells to expect. Aromas of cedar wood are included in the perfume, surrounded by a strong scents of beer wood spilled on the wooden bar.

These smells are accompanied by a feeling of warmth from the amber notes, reminding of a roaring fire behind the doors of a packed pub.

Moreover, the perfume reminds of the sweet sticky floors and carpets near the bar. The citrus nuances have been added to bring back the antibacterial smell of the tables just cleaned.

Where to buy the pub fragrance

Unfortunately, the fragrance is very limited. In fact, there is only one at stake.

If you want to win the very limited edition fragrance, you will need to enter the Liberty Games competition page.

All you have to do is enter before 30th April, telling them how much you miss going to the pub and what you miss most about it. It could be socialising, the atmosphere or the beer.

Then, one lucky winner will be chosen at random.

Stuart Kerr, the Liberty Games Director said that everyone misses being In the pub with your loved ones. The pub atmosphere is something the British look forward to when the restrictions are lifted. That day could be quite near: on April 12, pubs in England can reopen their doors to customers.

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