J.J. Watt: Cold Baths, Chainsaws, & Frozen Lakes

JJ Watt

J.J. Watt has had a week. Or a few weeks, if you consider everything that went into its short crash as a free agent.

That ended a few days ago when he announced that he would join Arizona Cardinals.

He then let us get to know the cool plan he assembled to make sure his decision was not aligned before he could post.

And he also shared the big text he sent to Cardinal QB Kyler Murray.

How does he celebrate all this? By jumping in the ice bath in a frozen lake.

JJ Watt Gets Into Cold Water. Literally.

His fans definitely had a strong reaction to the photos. Take a look at some of our favorite responses to JJ Watt below.

Somewhere, the Great Wim Hof ​​smiles. After all, the Wim Hof Method has been subscribed to by people all over the world to improve their breathing. Was this what JJ Watt was hoping to do?

But yes, that looks really cold.

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