Love Island’s Paige Turley believes Coronavirus helped couples stay together

Paige Turley
Paige Turley

Leaving the Love Island village into a world of press and fame is one thing, but returning to real life only to find the planet is in the middle of a pandemic it’s a completely different story. That’ s what happened to Paige Turley and her boyfriend Finn Tapp, who faced Coronavirus together.

Paige Turley’s idea on Coronavirus

The singer believes that many couples in her series of Love Island are still together because of the pandemic. She said that they had actually time to be together. So, having time to understand the basics of the relationship has been really beneficial for her and her boyfriend Finn.

Paige and Finn decided to spend the lockdown together after Boris Johnson’s speech to the nation in March last year. Finn also drove six hours to Scotland to be with Paige.

Furthermore, Paige Turley added that Coronavirus prompted the couple to move in faster than originally planned.

She said that, without the pandemic, there would have been a lot of distractions that could have ruined their relationship.

The couple’s future

While Paige and Finn have enjoyed their quarantine together, that doesn’t mean they’re not excited about their schedules getting busy once again.

They are excited for things to open up, and to properly start their relationship. The signer said that they were never able to go out to dinner or have nice dates. Moreover, their families haven’t met since that time in South Africa during Love Island.


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