Things we did before Covid that we might never do again

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Imagine a world without social distancing like it was before covid, where people can freely mix as they please, and where the threat of a deadly respiratory virus is such a long shot you’d hardly think about it.

Things we did before Covid that we might never do again

We are, of course, talking about the time before March 2020, before the covid pandemic hit the world and changed our way of life, perhaps forever.

Here are some things that could be changed forever.

Go out to the pub and order a bag of chips on the table for everyone to eat.

Offer a Malteser to a friend straight from the bag? Don’t even start with the birthday cakes.Have we really all been eating cake covered in someone’s saliva for years and years?

Not that you shouldn’t have done this anyway, but everyone should be cleaning the gym equipment after using it.

There will be no more random kisses with strangers. While it’s great in principle, you have no idea where they’ve been or what they could have done.

Even shaking hands is off the table for now, at least.

Imagine handing your phone to someone on the street to take a photo of you in an iconic location.

Get into an UberPool car to go somewhere? Off the table for the foreseeable, definitely.

As long as we all are level-headed and stay safe, some kind of normalcy will eventually return once more.

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