Sean Michael Lannon who was connected to five murders

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Woodbury, NJ – a man who is accused of killing a new Jersey man, he says he has sexually abused him in childhood, and those who are interested in the death of his ex-wife and three others in New Mexico is said that he is responsible for a total of 16 conclusions say the prosecutors – although the authorities do not have to confirm his claim yet.

A man suspected of his ex-wife and four others, including a South Jersey Residents – has shocked the authorities by confessing that he has killed 16 people in all. ”

The authorities claim in court that the approval came to a family member in a call, the Gloucester County investigator told that Lannon expressed Reue.

Lannon is held in the prison of Salem County and appeared over video in court. He did not say and was not asked to enter a plea.

Lannon has expressed remorse after the five deaths, which initially led to the manunts for him.

Lannon was arrested after a search in St. Louis, which extended from New Jersey to Missouri. He drove a car from Michael Dabkowski, the New Jersey victim, stolen. He is behind bars in New Jersey. Authorities say a vehicle was discovered last week in a garage of the International Sunport Albuquerque International Sunport, the largest New Mexico airport, which contains four bodies.

Lannon was also discovered with four other deaths after a vehicle was discovered with the body in the Albuquerque International Sunport Garage, 80 km from his home in grants, New Mexico.

The bodies were later identified as Jennifer Lannon, 39; Matthew Miller, 21; Jesty Mata, 40; and Randal Apostalon, 60.

Sean Michael Lannon, 47, gave to NJ investigators that his alleged killing of Spree ’11 drug dealers

Sean Michael Lannon, 47, who was arrested in this month after a multi-state-manhunt of US Marshals approved in New Jersey investigators, that his alleged killing of Spree has recorded “11 drug dealers”, “NJ reported.


Although he has been charged in this killing, the authorities said that he is suspected in at least four others, including death of his ex-wife Jennifer Lannon, 39.

Scholarships of the Police Department Lieutenant.

According to the investigators, Lannon gave a witness that he “murdered his wife and friends in New Mexico,” reported

Grants Police Lt. David Chavez said the Albuquerque Journal that the authorities have no indication that Lannon’s claims are true and that they are not aware of a missing person or murder reports that would fit to his narrative.

“Is it possible? Surely it is possible. Is it probably? No, probably not,” Chavez said the newspaper, said that authorities would examine the authorities.

Grants Police searched for Miller, Mata and Jennifer Lannon since last month, and said on February 26, Lemos – a relative of Millers who knew every three – wanted them to question them.

In addition to the five deaths already described by investigators, the authorities had not previously spoken by other killings in which Lannon was a suspect. He was invoiced only in New Jersey killing and was not charged in New Mexico.

The public defender Frank Unger called for a probable cause of the New Jersey Murder fee, which argued that Lannon with the permission of Dabkowski in East Greenwich entered the houses in East Greenwich, and that the following deeds in the worst, the Passion Provocation Daughter, NJ.Comported.

Unger claimed that Lannon was abused and went home to retrieve photos because he did not want anyone to “get control of me longer.”

Dabkowski mentored Lannon and his twin brother through a large brothers program in the 1980s, NJ.Comported. Lannon said the investigators that Dabkowski had sexually abused him as a child, and that he went to the man’s house to collect sexually explicit photos of the two.

Lannon said allegedly police that Dabkowski has abused him sexually as a child, and that he went home to get sexually explicit photos of the couple. Unger said that Dabkowski “these sexual attacks, these rape, by photographing themselves with Mr. Lannon in sexually endangered positions.”

According to the daily e-mail, the public defender was added to Frank Unger: “This relationship quickly became an abusive, in which Mr. Dabkowski Mr. Lannon has sexually abused”, who had broken in Dabkowski’s home to broken photos of them, the together have shown photos of them.

Unger said Lannon put off two hammers of Dabkowski’s garage and gave them the victim, said, “You will need them. I do not want to hurt you.”

“I would suggest that this fact alone sets that this was not appropriate murder.

“Fifteen is New Mexico and one in New Jersey state,” said Gutierrez according to the news page. “It’s my understanding that the FBI New Mexico supports in your investigation.”

The authorities have not released any information on the other alleged victims of Lannon.

The judge agreed and ordered Lannon to stay behind the bars.

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He still had the murder weapon on him, the daily mail.

Lannon claimed that Dabkowski be a “big brother” and his brother Eric through the big brothers big sister’s mentorhip program and harassed him as a child who reported online crime.

Judge Mary Beth Kramer ordered Lannon to take up without a deposit, according to CNN.

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