The girl with two vaginas: “I use one with my boyfriend, the other one with other men” 

Girl with two vaginas
Girl with two vaginas

Evelyn Miller, a 33-year-old girl, said in a radio interview that she has two vaginas. A former escort, now she works in OnlyFans. Thanks to this service, the number of her clients has increased.

The story of the girl with two vaginas

In an interview Evelyn explained in detail what it means to live with two vaginas. They have a different shape than a normal one.

“I was a prostitute and an escort – said the young woman – I used a vagina for work and another for my personal life.

This was very useful.” Evelyn is now a true star of OnlyFans, the paid social network where you can find private photos and videos that are prohibited to minors.

She said that she makes videos both with her boyfriend and many of other friends.

She find this practice very funny.

A few months ago the young woman discovered that she was pregnant with her boyfriend. After the discovery of the pregnancy, Evelyn will not be able to give birth naturally. This is because there is a wall between the two vaginas, so she will have to undergo a cesarean section.

Evelyn said that she always knew that something was wrong with her body, but only 10 years ago she discovered that she had a double reproductive system: “I am convinced that I can get pregnant with two children at the same time.”

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