Brazilian student dies playing Russian roulette with a friend

Russian Roulette
Russian Roulette

Cades Emanuel Pimenta Santos Norte, a Brazilian student from Minas Gerais, tragically shot himself while playing Russian roulette on April 1, according to local police. The police said it is not yet known who the weapon belonged to.

What happened to Cades Norte

The friend who saw Norte’s death gave a statement at the police station. He told the officers that Norte called him to come to his house to drink together and listen to music.

He agreed and, when he arrived at his house, they both started drinking and playing Russian roulette.

They took turns firing the gun, which had a bullet in the chamber. At one point, Cades shot himself, which is also stated by the police, which said that the victim died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The 20-year-old was buried in the Sao Lucas Cemetery in Janauba.

The Russian roulette

Russian roulette is an incredibly dangerous game originally made up by a Russian writer in 1840. It has been emulated by young people over the years, due to the 1978 film The Deer Hunter.

In this movie, three American soldiers are captured during the Vietnam War.

They are forced to play Russian roulette while their captors bet on the results. The captors demand an especially brutal variation of the game: it is played until only one competitor remains. It takes place in a bamboo room above where the other prisoners are, so that the blood of the losers drips onto the future contestants.

Several teenage deaths followed the film’s premiere, prompting police and the media to blame the depiction of the cruel game in the film.

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