Dog steals a purple unicorn from a store until he receives it as a gift

dog steals purple unicorn
A dog steals purple unicorn from a store so many times that animal control officer buys it for him.

Loving a purple unicorn so much that you are willing to break the rules just to have one. Animal control officers were called from a Kenansville, North Carolina store after a stray dog kept running into the toy aisle.

“He went straight to the purple stuffed unicorn, always the same.” And seeing how much he loved it, the duty officer bought it for him to take to the kennel.

“It was one of the weirdest calls I’ve ever had to deal with,” said Joe Newburn, Duplin County Animal Services Supervisor.

The store employees were just as surprised as he was. The dog entered taking advantage of the doors opened by outgoing customers.

And once inside, he would rush to the same lane, in the presence of a purple unicorn.

When Samantha Lane, the duty officer, noticed this stray dog’s devotion to the unicorn, she bought him the $ 10 toy to make him happy.

Why did the dog steal a purple unicorn?

The dog has been renamed Sisu, like the unicorn dragon in Disney’s new cartoon Raya and the Last Dragon and now shares the box with his beloved stuffed animal.

“The only thing we can think of is that he came from a house where there were one or more children with similar stuffed animals.” At the moment, Sisu is considered a stray because no one has come forward to claim him, but he obviously loves affection and spends every night snuggled up with his unicorn.

“He is so sweet, super smart and very obedient. Someone is probably looking for him – adds Newburn – I do not know of any other reason why he would have focused on the unicorn.

If the store had called and said it was in the dog food , it would have made more sense to go hunting a purple unicorn.”

Sisu has already received many adoption requests and the general management of the chain where the dog was found has already offered to deliver some additional unicorns for the adoptive family as well also make a food donation to Duplin County Animal Services.

“We are happy to see Sisu happy with his new toy,” they added.


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