How To Beat Sierra In Pokémon Go For March 2021: Weaknesses, Tactics, Counterattacks


There are three Team Rocket leaders that you need to fight in Pokémon Go. Sierra is one of those leaders and usually has some of the stronger Pokémon on her roster. You can fight them if you have a missile radar.

It will appear in a team rocket balloon or at a captured Poké stop. After Giovanni returns to his old antics in March 2021, you must defeat Sierra along with the other two Team Rocket leaders.

You will have to go out of your way to find one of the three Team Rocket leaders who can potentially appear in Pokémon Go.

In early March 2021, Team Rocket has returned to its previous tricks, and you can expect to encounter Arlo and the rest of the Team Rocket leaders.

Typically Arlo will change rotation for a new monthly event.

The first Pokémon Sierra will use in battle is Carvanha, a Water and Dark-type Pokémon.

Carvanha is weak against Bug, Electric, Fairy, Fighting, and Grass-type attacks. Of the weaknesses, we recommend using a Pokémon with an electric or grassy train. There are several Pokémon that you can drag into battle, but we recommend Lucario, Machamp, Heracross, Electivire, Raikou, or Roserade.

The first Pokémon Cliff to be used in combat are Aerodactyl, a Rock and Flying-type Pokémon. Aerodactyl is weak to electrical, ice, rock, steel, and water-type movements. There are several Pokémon you can use against it, but make sure it is one of these attacks to take advantage of Aerodactyl’s weaknesses.

Based on what we know about Cliff’s current choices, these are weak against Bug, Fairy, Flying, Ghost, Ice, and Steel-type attacks. You have several options.

The first one will be Beldum, a Steel and Clairvoyant-type Pokémon. Your best choice to defeat Beldum is to use a Dark, Fire, Ghost, or Ground-type Pokémon. You have several options, and we recommend a fire-type option, such as B. Chandelure, Darmanitan, Moltres, Entei, or Heatran.

These three will be weak primarily to fire, ice, and rock-type attacks. We recommend a definitive rock type that can withstand any of their attacks and deal a lot of damage.

These are the possible choices for Cliff’s second Pokémon to use against you during the fight.

After defeating Cliff, you have the chance to conquer his Aerodactyl, which is one of the better Shadow Pokémon to use in different Battle Leagues or even Raids as a PvE choice.

There are many ways in which you can take action against Arlo. They mainly want to focus on Fire, Ground, Stone, or Spirit-type attacks to take them out. After defeating him, you will have the opportunity to capture his shadow Beldum, which can evolve into Metagross.

Given what we know about Sierra’s roster, this group is primarily weak on dark, grass, ice, and water-type movements.

If you bring a Fire-type Pokémon from the previous round, this isn’t a bad choice. However, it is also not effective. You are better off using a ghost, soil, or water type to combat these three. They have a little more variety than the other options. It has a chance to be shiny.

After defeating Sierra, you are one step closer to completing the special research project The Higher They Fly. If you beat Arlo, you’ll be one step closer to completing The Higher They Fly special research project for March 2021.

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