Woman waking up from anesthesia tells her husband about a hot nurse

woman waking up from anesthesia
A woman's confessions on her hot nurse went viral on TikTok

A woman in the United States waking up from anesthesia starts telling her husband all about her handsome nurse.

Kelli, who uses the TikTok identifier @pocketfulofkelli, shared a video of herself at the hospital clearly feeling a little worse from the burnout and desperate to tell her husband Brandon about her hot nurse Ryan.

In the clip, she says: “The nurses were very good-looking, did you see Ryan? I felt like he was in Grey’s Anatomy. He was good-looking, the other one was good-looking too.

“Ryan was very good-looking, he came to get me and I thought ‘He’s good-looking’.

I haven’t been attracted to anyone besides you.”

Brandon duly responds: “So you were attracted to him?”

“I think so”, Kelli replies.

This conversation has been viewed over 2.1 million times on TikTok, and most people see the funny side of things.

However, some people couldn’t help but feel sorry for Brandon, so Kelli shared an additional clip where she can be seen showering her man with praise.

When Brandon asks if she finds him attractive, she says, “That’s why I married you.

I think you’re so good-looking.”

Brandon responds, “Is that the only reason you married me?”

Squirming, Kelli replies, “No, a lot of reasons, but I also think you’re so good-looking. I like to have you pressed against me when you’re not wearing a shirt.”

In the third part of this epic trilogy, Kelli explains her new dream of landing a role on Grey’s Anatomy, a dream inspired by all of the aforementioned “good-looking” medical staff she found herself surrounded by.

She says, “I really wanna be in a medical show, I felt that it there. Do they film in Portland? I wanna be the medical person, I feel like I’d do a good job.”

After getting a little nervous briefly about the “thing” on her arm, she continues: “I don’t know if Grey’s Anatomy is still going.

I wanna be in it, as the patient, you know?

“I want to be in it as a day player, just like the patient that comes in and he saves her”

This dream didn’t become a reality for Kelli; but hey, now she’s a viral TikTok sensation.


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