Man receives salary 330 times by mistake and flees: wanted in Chile

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A man received his salary 330 times. A mistake on the part of the company he worked for. However, this was enough to tempt the subject who resigned and ran away. Now he is wanted by the police. The episode happened in Chile.

A real “miracle of the multiplication of pesos” as the Republic defined it. The man in question earned worked in a food production center. His basic salary was around five hundred euros. One can easily imagine his astonishment when he was credited with the sum of 165 million pesos.

Salary received 330 times: an error on the part of the company

The initial mistake was on the part of the company, as it credited the man with a sum 330 times higher than his normal salary.

To earn that much, he would have had to sweat twenty-seven years.

Man has never seen us again and has taken advantage of it. He fled with the undue sum in hand, making everyone lose track of him.

Wanted for embezzlement

Even if the company made a considerable mistake, it is obvious that the worker in question is completely guilty.

If he had been honest he would have had to repay the sum credited to him by mistake.

Initially he reported the anomaly to the company, promising to return the money, but in the end he went to the bank to collect everything and then ran away.

Denounced for embezzlement, the man is now wanted by the police.

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