Donald Trump’s former bodyguard says he owes him $ 130 for McDonald’s

Trump McDonalds
Trump McDonalds


A former Donald Trump bodyguard claims that the former president of the United States owes him $ 130 for a McDonald’s order that he paid for in 2008. Even though Trump is a billionaire, he apparently still asked his former protector Kevin McKay to use his cash for the junk food.

Trump and his love for McDonald’s

It is well documented that the former US President loves anything from golden bows.

The food in question was allegedly purchased by McKay on a trip to Scotland, where Trump owns several golf courses.

The bodyguard explained that they were driving from Mr. Trump’s property, and just when they arrived to Bridge of Don, he asked to stop at McDonald’s so he could buy food for the flight back to New York.

He also said that they were in a convoy of six Range Rovers with about 15 men in suits inside. McKay was sure there must have been some shocked expressions when they pulled into the parking lot.

When it turned out that Trump had no legal currency on his person, he asked McKay if he could ‘advance him the cash’.

McKay accepted and took everyone’s order: about 20 cheeseburgers and fries with Cokes.

Trump ordered two cheeseburgers with fries and a Diet Coke, which was his regular order.

The order costed the bodyguard around $130, and Trump told him that he would get the money bakck.

But McKay never heard about it again, and he brushed it under the carpet.

In the end, the bodyguard stated that he thought Trump was a nice guy when he started working for him. But it seemed, after all, that he was not a man of his word.

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