A 4-years-old dies of sepsis after falling ill with a ‘nose infection’ 

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Leo Dennis was rushed to Morriston Hospital in Swansea, Wales, after suffering a seizure and a high fever. But, despite that, his mother was told to go home and give him Calpol. The 4-years-old, some days later, died of sepsis, also called blood poisening.

A 4-years-old dies of sepsis

Two days later, the distraught mother took the boy back to the hospital when his condition worsened. Tragically, Leo died after suffering from sepsis, sometimes known as blood poisoning.

His aunt Leanne told: “He suffered cardiac arrest in his arms.

He ended up with sepsis and went into septic shock.” Speaking of his initial symptoms, she said: “He got a nose virus that everyone has. He then had high fever and a seizure, and Jemma was told to give him Calpol.”

Leo’s health conditions

Leo was born with a variety of medical problems and had to undergo open heart surgery when he was only one day old. Later he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy that affects movement and coordination.

During his four years of life, he went on to undergo a new heart surgery in which he had a pacemaker and an operation on a crooked intestine.

Despite his medical problems, Leanne said that Leo was a happy boy. She said: “He was really bubbly, they thought he would never walk. But he started walking at two years old and didn’t stop, he couldn’t sleep because he was afraid of missing things.”

The answer of the hospital

Leanne said Leo’s family is planning to pursue a complaint against the Swansea Bay University Health Board. A health board spokesperson said: “We would like to express our condolences to the family at this very sad time”.

But the health board also asked Leo’s family to contact them to fully investgate over Leo’s death.

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